CEVEN @ De Ceuvel

SNI Experimental Zone Project



CEVEN @ De Ceuvel presents an exclusive NFT collection that supports the cause of De Ceuvel. Every NFT sold generates profits for the De Ceuvel ecosystem and by that helps it exist for longer. Click the link to find the NFT on the BIO-COMPENDIUM marketplace by SNI.

Besides akquiring NFTs, you can also participate by uploading pictures from De Ceuvel to Twitter and tag them with #CEVENFT

After the Experimental Zone event we will select the winners who will have their images artistically altered (you can post a wish for the method you prefer) and minted as NFTs in our collection.

Between all participants, we will give away carbon credits, up to 75 tons of compensation (forestry (REDD+) carbon credits). Good luck!


What Does CEVEN Do?

CEVEN explores the possibilities of decentralized environmental governance to lead it gradually to self-sovereign existence.

In the context of the "De Ceuvel—Experimental Zone" event, we explore ways to create stewardship in an ecosystem by creating artistic value out of data about the ecosystem (sensor data, images, earth observation). Please visit our website to explore the artwork and find out how you can contribute to the wealth and well-being of De Ceuvel.